Tuesday 30 September 2014

Talking about the Dark Eldar release #1

Wow, what a week it has been with Dark Eldar news! I’ve been away on holidays for the past two weeks (hence the silence), but I am back in action as of today. Let’s talk Dark Eldar again....
The rumours, if you haven’t been seeing them, point towards Dark Eldar getting the usual 7th edition revamp. The loss of special characters without models, and a general standardising of play style. Obviously it is far too early to call how they will play, but I’ll make some reviews below (from the rumours).
The first thing I want to talk about is the loss of special characters. I’ll be interested to see how the ones who remain turn out. My bet is that they lose a lot of their flavour, but gain overall in value. There won’t be anymore Baron shenanigans it seems, which I am sure will ruin a lot of player’s lists. The Duke going is what hurts me the most, as I think he was super cool, but who are we to know if they will make a triumphant return at a later date? I don’t want to sound like I’m crying too hard though, as realistically In normal games I used stock standard Archons.
Flickerfields supposedly going from the options in Raiders and Ravagers will be interesting. The rumours point towards Night Shields now giving stealth, which is great in some ways, but worse off in others. Using cover has been the hinge upon Dark Eldar victories since the codex first came out, and I am sure Night shields will become across the board compulsory for every vehicle (well....it already was).
The bomber.....first let me say that this is by far the best looking model I have seen in a 40k release since Eldar came out last year. A few weeks back I called it that the bomber would be gone....but I am so glad I was wrong! The rules from the battle report seem alright. I wouldn’t put much faith in the whole “it wiped out a whole squad” line, as that seems to always be the case for White Dwarf reports. I can see this model becoming a huge hit for painters, and I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see a few of them at Armies on Parade this year.
Rumours are going around now (from someone that has supposedly seen the book) that Talos can now be taken in units! Fantastic, I was writing about this a few weeks back and I am glad It turned out to be true. I really hope they make a comeback onto the field by gaining some form of additional movement, or at least a half decent Feel No Pain save.
I haven’t heard anything about my beloved Grotesques yet.....but I’m not surprised, I seem to be one of the few players that actually used them in the current book, so I can understand there being little hype about them! Big missed opportunity for a new kit though.
Only a few more days to go, so let’s hope the rumours keep flowing in!

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