Thursday, 18 September 2014

Wracks and Dark Eldar Leaks

Hells yeah! The Covens are back in style. Obviously we can all tell that little work has gone into the Wracks.....but they didn't really need an update anyway. 

The absolute coolest thing about this release (so far) is the ability to pimp out the raiders with Wrack Crew members! Like below:

So awesome!

I think a lot of people will be switching to having the Wracks as crew. Spicerack brought up the idea that they may be a type of upgrade for the vehicle....but I am not so sure what the effect would be. Anyway, I will likely end up upgrading my raiders to be like the above. 

I think Coven armies have a lot of potential. Wracks were already being used across the board as cheap Venom squads, as well as tough objective holders. Well.....tough by Dark Eldar standards. I am eager to find out how they will play in the game as a complete force. Or if they will have any specific army traits for taking all coven units. I think the Orks and Space Wolves have set a pretty decent precedent when it comes to taking preset army list units. Perhaps 3+ Wrack units, 1+ Grotesques and 1+ Talos will get you an additional pain token for each unit? That's another thing.....I really hope Pain Tokens stay the same. I think Combat drugs could use an update, but having FNP is such a crucial part of playing Dark Eldar. I would hate it if they made it the tier 2, or 3, token benefit. Of course it would be awesome if the FNP became better with more tokens. Imagine having 3+ FNP with three tokens? It sounds broken, but how many units have you known to have three tokens? 

Speaking of other Coven units, I am hoping the Talos gets some sort of points reduction, either in its base cost, or in it's optional upgrades. Personally, I like them, and had great success running one in a tournament a few months back. Unfortunately I think in larger games they are utterly useless, so something definitely needs to change there! Same goes for the Cronos. 

Anyway, I am PUMPED for this release.

Come on more leaks!


  1. Word is that pain tokens are totally changed now, and that the effects are diffrent and random....a bit like the chaos boon table but not as lengthy. We will see in a week or three.

    1. Oh interesting, didn't catch that rumour. Well, at least it's a change of some kind.


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