Sunday 5 October 2014

First look at the Dark Eldar Codex.

So, it's not the end of the world! As with most codex releases, there is a HUGE blow out of it "being rubbish" before we even get the book. Well, while we have lost a lot of cool things, the book isn't half bad.

First of all......let me explain that I won't be approaching this from a tournament competitive view. This will be about regular social gaming. Here is a quick rundown of the main things that have popped out at me:

The first thing I went to was the items section. There are some changes that I think almost everyone should know about. Firstly, that Shadow fields do not go away until the end of that phase. This can only be a boost, okay sure we still lose it.....but now at least we can still tank 2+ invul saves at the front, before retreating to the back (instead of dying to the next lasgun shot.....). Clone fields becoming a standard 4+ isn't as cool as it used to be....but it isn't bad.

Huskblades being AP3 now is a huge hit in my book.....still brilliant, but it's lost a fair amount of weight vs an agoniser. 

Let me just say one thing....I am not a huge fan of the new pain token system....6+ FNP on turn 2 is rubbish no matter how you try and sell it. A lot of DE players will tell you that the only thing standing between them and a horrible hit when their vehicle blows up is that FNP safety net. It's a two sided coin. All untis benefiting from it is cool, but I know think that getting those bonuses from Urien will be a key tactic....speaking of which, Urien is back in style. I will most likely be running him as my main man from now on. The 12" bubble of pain is a MUST, even for social gaming.

I am a big fan of the new combat drugs giving toughness. Okay it's only 1/6 chance, but it can make a hellion or reaver unit much more resilient. 

 One thing I do love is the new Aethersails just being a flat out move of 24"...AWESOME. I can really see the new tactics for Dark Eldar being to stay as far back as possible (and I mean as far back as possible), pool up pain buffs and then just rocket forward in the last few turns. It is entirely conceivable to just take some seriously tanky units (Talos/Mandrakes....yes mandrakes - 2+ cover ftw) and just reserve everything else.

Anyway, once I have more a flick through the codex I will report in.


  1. Finally a positive response to the DE :). I have tried to steer clear of all the rumours as the response has been overwhelmingly negative. Sure things have changed but dont they always?
    A few things I am saddended by are no updates to wyches (especially the fact they still get murdered by vehicle explosions), No Ap2 weapons and the general nerf to archons and the loss of some cool characters. On the bright side I like that mandrakes, scourges and grotesques are all awesome now :)

    1. I've got the next one scheduled for a few hours away that covers a few of the FA units. I will say that of all the sites that I've been reading, they have all pretty much ignored the points drop for Scourge and Reavers....which personally I think makes them so much better now!

    2. Unfortunately Wyches are just birds in scraps of armour so any significant save from those is pretty unlikely!


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