Friday 3 January 2014

Escalation in 750 point tournament?

I know, I know. This topic has been EVERYWHERE on the internet. However, I thought I would make a run down on how I came to the decision to NOT include Escalation in my tournaments. We (The blog team) are running a tournament in February at the local GW store. 750 points, IA allowed on 4x4. Usual tournament set-up. Here are my thoughts.

First of all, the reason why the tournament is 750 points is because of the 90 minute game times restrictions. Even 1000 points starts to get pushed at this time frame. 

My initial reaction to Escalation  in the tournament was no.Yet, then it turned to a maybe, but then it became a no again:

1. It keeps in line with the way that GW wants the game to be played.
2. Keeping in mind that this is a GW tournament, many of the players are more concerned about Theme and Fluff - so having Super Heavy themed armies would be cool.
3. It's self balancing, in a way. Being 750 points, you can really only include the Guard variants.

1. It's a Super Heavy.
2. At 750 points, there isn't going to be much anti-tank.
3. Bringing a Hellhammer can wipe out an enemy 750 point force pretty quickly.
4. Only Guard players are going to have access to them.

That is about as far as I got before I decided to say no to them. At 1850 I'm okay with it, but at 750 points.....just can't do it.

Furthermore, I know that a lot of the guys down at the store love to bring themed armies. They follow the fluff and write army lists with that in mind. While that is super cool, all it would take is for a Hellhammer to turn up and mulch the beautiful Krieg Death Riders for a one sided game. No thank-you.


  1. When is this tournament scheduled for?

  2. An idea what I was mulling about with was a "vs superheavy" game. I've not gone over either of the new books properly yet but having one player field a super-heavy, an HQ & an escorting Troops choice (and just that, nothing more) vs a force with the usual FOC at equal points.

    In my mind it would work best as an ambush scenario with IG vs xenos like a codex tale snippet; an arrogant commander and is delivering his new uber-unit to the front or to his base for inspection but is completely unaware of the opposition having wind of this and hastily assembled a strike force to eliminate the new threat.

    It could also be combined with late-arriving reseves for the super-heavy side as a rescue force with extra VPs for the ambushers wrecking the super-heavy and either wiping out the troops & HQ too or just wrecking the heavy and getting points for every unit successfully retreated back off their table edge in a withdrawal before the rescue units arrive.

    Could be a good idea to get people used to having super-heavies on the table, both with using and attempting to destroy one.

    1. Yeah man, some armies can deal with them quite easily. Tau, for example, can destroy it in a single turn with a crisis team full of Fusion Blasters.

  3. Just checked out the players pack- I really like the rule about no IA book, no use of the model!


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