Friday 3 January 2014

New Year, New Experiences

G'day World!!

Events that happened recently have kept me quite busy, and I'm not talking about Christmas...I got engaged 2 days ago!! But let's talk about something else...

The new year is starting, and it's coming with a huge awesome looking Swarm in the front. More that a player is gonna start a new Nids army, I'm quite sure about it...

My now fiancé gave me, for Christmas (totally unexpected, as she hates Warhammer or anything related with miniatures), the starting box of "The Hobbit: an unexpected journey" (can you see the irony? lol) and just yesterday I decided to go to GW with my new models and have a test game with Spicerack and Crazy. I had no idea about any of the rules or anything, so they spent their time explaining step by step how to play the game - with the patience of a saint. And to be honest, I actually loved it!

To start with, it seems like a much fairer game, as it's really balanced. I mean, my first game, playing against Spicerack, he was playing with a fancy awesome looking army with a witch king, orcs with spears, black numenorians, or something that resemble that...a really cool army. I was just playing with my King Goblin (hell, it's OP as f#%k) and a million goblins (it was around 40 I think...). It was a really even during the whole game. At the end, we drew up the VP's and I won! Both of us got broken (half my army run away...that's what happen with damn coward goblins) but I killed Spiceralc's "leader". Didn't mind winning or loosing, it was an amazing game and I loved seeing all my goblins just running on top of each other, surrounding his army and pushing them against the barricades. And that throwing attack from the King Goblin killing 4 models in the last turn was just gold.

Secondly, it's quite simple to play. I mean, the generic rules are not as complicated as 40K for example, and is really easy to learn to play. On the other side, there are way more "specific" rules for miniatures, especially for heroes, but as you normally play similar armies, that's not a problem at all. I still struggle a lot with the usage of Might, Fate and Will, but I guess that's something that you learn with practice.

3 Colours and I played against Crazy the next game, again with Goblins, and trying the Scribe this turned out to be an awesome model too, as I just kept bringing goblins every turn in the rear, surrounding Crazy's army. And even though 3 Colours and I had no idea how to play, we went back home with a brief idea of the rules. That's how simple it is.
Another positive point about it is that it's so much quicker!! The game just goes so much faster, and the fact that each model acts as an individual gives you much more freedom to do different strategies.

Overall, a very recommended game for everyone. It's heaps of fun to play.

So what are you guys going to try in 2014? I can see myself getting a Super Heavy from China...I want to try Escalation...but it will have to wait a few months, as I'm totally broke right now!!


  1. Cool congratulations on your engagement. I plan on playing lots of x wing and getting my head around the infinity rules and painting the backlog of models I have acumalated over the years

  2. Malifaux... new rules and the new model kits are amazing!


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