Thursday, 7 May 2015

40k Warzone Presents: The Star Wars: Armada Battle of Endor Scenario

So even though Wave 1 hasn't been released yet, and Wave 2 is still some time away, Crazy and I have been assembling an Endor scenario for when we inevitably have more Armada than sense.
Take a look at what we've got, and if you have any suggestions as to how we can improve this bad boy let us know! It'll give us something to think about until we get our hands on some sweet, sweet Imperial Star Destroyers...

The Battle of Endor

Fleet Building:

The Rebel Alliance to Restore the Galactic Republic

The Rebel Player has 1300 points to build their fleet. Up to half may be used for Squadrons.

The following upgrades and pilots cannot be taken:

Leia Organa
Han Solo
Luke Skywalker
Dash Rendar
Raymus Antilles

The Rebel player MUST include the following pilots - to be included in their overall fleet points limit:

Wedge Antilles
Keyan Farlander

The Rebel Player MUST take at least one MC80 Home One Class Assault Cruiser, and it must be given the Home One title - to be included in their overall fleet points limit.

The Rebel Player MUST take Admiral Ackbar as their Commander - to be included in their overall fleet points limit.

The Galactic Empire

The Imperial Player has 1500 points to build their fleet. Up to one third may be used for Squadrons.

The following upgrades and pilots cannot be taken:
Wulf Yularen
Mauler Mithel
Boba Fett

The Imperial player MUST include the following pilots - to be included in their overall fleet points limit:

Soontir Fel
Major Rhymer

The Imperial Player MUST take at least three Imperial Class Star Destroyers, and one must be given the Devastator title - to be included in their overall fleet points limit.

The Imperial Player MUST take Darth Vader as their Commander - to be included in their overall fleet points limit.


When determining initiative refer to the Daring Assault scenario special rule.

This scenario is played on a 6x3 board size. Before placing obstacles remove the Station from the obstacle pool and replace it with another Large Asteroid token. Obstacles are then placed as normal, starting with the second player.

Once all obstacles have been placed the Rebel player may place the Station at any point along a short board edge of their choice, ensuring that some point touches the board edge, and it is at least distance 4 from either long board edge. The Station is then considered the "Death Star Entry Zone". It loses all standard abilities and no longer obscures attacks.

Once the "Death Star Entry Zone" has been placed Deployment continues as normal.

Scenario Special Rules

Daring Assault:
The Rebel player is considered to have the initiative, and may choose who is the first player, and who is the second player.

One Last Chance:
This scenario as an 8 turn game length, in place of the normal 6 turn limit.

The shield is still up, all pilots pull up!
No Rebel squadrons may enter within long range of the “Death Star Entry Zone” until turn 4.

That blast came from the Death Star! That thing is operational!
Starting in the 2nd turn, once per turn, the Death Star may fire. At the end of the Ship phase the Imperial player may target ONE Large or Medium sized ship in the play area that is not at close-medium range of any Imperial ship.

The Imperial Player must target one hull section from the any point on the “Death Star Entry Zone”. Once the target and the hull section have been determined, the Imperial Player may make a Death Star attack using 5 red, 5 blue, and 5 black dice, with no modifications to the dice rolls.

Attacks made by the Death Star follow all the normal rules for attacking ships, including line of sight and obscured targets, and while there is no limit on the range of this attack it is always considered being made at long range. Line of sight can be drawn from any point on the “Death Star Entry Zone”. Defense tokens may be used as normal.

Desperate Engagement:
When a Rebel squadron has been reduced to 1 hit point it may make a “Desperate Engagement” move in its activation phase, even if it is engaged. If a Rebel squadron making a “Desperate Engagement” move would overlap an Imperial ship at the end of its movement, it may attack with its bombardment armament, and add one dice of a colour already present in its dice pool. 

After the attack has been resolved, remove this squadron from play as a casualty.

Victory Conditions

The Rebel Player wins if one squadron each of two of the below four squadron types ends its turn unengaged on the “Death Star Entry Zone”:

B-Wing Squadron
A-Wing Squadron
X-Wing Squadron
YT-1300 Squadron

The Imperial player wins if all Rebel squadrons are destroyed, or the 8 turn limit has been reached.

SO there's our idea for the time being. If you have any suggestions feel free to add them in the comments below, but we're pretty comfortable this scenario represents the climactic battle on a smaller scale with the ships that will be available to us in Wave 2.

Will the Rebellion prevail? Will the Empire crush the attack?

Only time will tell - and we'll be sure to let you know once we've had a chance to play it!

Until next time, make good choices,


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