Friday 10 January 2014

40K Warzone Hobbyist Entry #3 Reminder

It's been a long time since christmas, and maybe some of you didn't see the first post. The entry for this month's painting competition is due the 31st of January. 
The theme was "Fast attack", anything like bikers, jump infantry, cavalry...but not flyers or vehicles bigger than a bike/jetbike. To double check any issues and submit your entries, send them to:
Can't wait to see your entries guys!!


  1. Dammit.. you've given me too much time. Now I have to choose between the 3 different FA units ive painted since the last entry!

    1. Well, you can give one to me and then flip a coin between the other two to decide! ;)

    2. Seriously though, pick the one that is perhaps the most interesting, or different from your other entries.

  2. Hmm deathguard bikers or sephirum..

  3. Hmm deathguard bikers or sephirum..


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