Thursday 12 September 2013

Think Tank: The White Scars Supplement.

Will be horrifying......

For tournament gamers.

Firstly, lets look at what GW has as a base.
Space marine bikes are, arguably, one of the best units in the game right now. With the ability to take two Grav guns and a combi-grav sarge, you are looking at an insane amount of cheap, T5 3+ armour save sweetness. Add in White Scars and Khan and you're laughing. With the new FAQ making it possible to take a 5 man, bike-mounted, grav armed command squad (not to mention a captain with artificer armour and his own combi-grav!), the hurt only intensifies.

Some of the lists coming out of my discussions with other competitive gamers are pretty hilarious. I mean, seriously, it's possible to field 30 grav guns, all on bikes, with extra bodies and hundreds of left over points within an 1850 list. Throw in some form of 4+ seize (necrons?) and you become the ultimate hammer army.

The meta will love this one, I can just imagine all the tournament players sitting up at night trying to figure out how to counter it...

My very own Eldar list that took out 3 tables at a recent tournament would get absolutely creamed by them. Pretty scary.

The White scars supplement will no doubt bring its own set of Warlord traits along with a whole host of new items and army rules. However, what could they even possibly be? I've been trying to conceptualise the White Scars in an attempt to discern the direction that it might head in.

More speed? (Lol)
A better seize attempt of their own?

Are there any White Scar experts out there who can draw upon their knowledge to suggest some possible outcomes?

Also, how would you deal with an army of all bike mounted, scouting, 4+ seize with 30 grav guns?

Post below.


  1. my ork army laughs in the face of grav spam. good luck with your 6s to hit all over the place.

  2. Ive been following your blog since a couple of months and I must say that is awesome hehe :P

    On topic again. I think that GW wanted to gain the much money they can, so, lets improve a lot the bikes and reduce the cost of them. THE WS generals will love GW since now, and DA generals like me we got like O_O, but anyway, this usually happens all editions :P

    Have you seen how the bikes of all armies have become so powerfull and cheap? Eldar, Space Marines, DA, even CSM. They are improving them a lot and I dont know why...

    For warlod traits...maybe an extra movement, but only one use, or something like that. For the relics, a spear I supouse.

  3. WS chapter relics ? I my guess is a special bike, perhaps even jetbike ? nah, too stylish and "high-tech" for them. I guess is a pimped up SM bike with S7 hammer of wrath hits + some special guns.

    For the other relics ... hmm, the golden exhaust touched by the emperor. The foglights of death. The spare tire of annoyance and so on :)

    1. they had some cool fighting spears in the day - so possibly a cool relic one of them, also they had totems too. Also in the fluff the white scars librarians are called stormseers , might get a default primaris power for lightning strikes.

    2. If you read up on some White Scars fluff they used to make use of Jetbikes quite a lot during the great crusade.

      I'm hoping the supplement ignores bikes entirely and places a bit more focus on speeders & troops in transports. People seem to forget that just because 'Scars like their bikes doesn't mean they use them exclusively in every single situation possible.

  4. +1 to Robert. The ppl thinks that WS only go to battle in bikes, and thats incorrect. They just love everything that bring them faster to the battlefield, rhinos, razorbacks, bikes, Land Speeders, etc.

  5. CSM counter. Dragons! If worried more dragons.

    I see your cover you rouges and counter punch home with my AP3 S6 12" out flamer turret of DOOM!!!

    Oh, my personal favorite is DE Witches in full 20 unit squads. WS ran into my face turn 1 killed a bit here and there, I countered by charging their face with everything. 5 man bikes die fast to over welming armor saves from average 15+ remaining witchs.


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