Wednesday 12 February 2014

#3 40K WarZone Hobbyist

First of all, my apologies for the delay on the results. I've been crazy busy for the last 2 weeks and I couldn't find the time to post anything at all on the blog.

As usual, to vote for your favorites, you have to vote with this template:
3 points: name of contestant
2 points: name of contestant
1 point: name of contestant

All the contestants have to vote, that way it's fairer. Please don't vote as Anonymous. 

The theme of this entry was Fast Attack, which could be cavalry, jump infantry, beasts... anything that wasn't a vehicle bigger than a motorbike. 

To see all the pictures in high quality, and different shots, you can check this url:

A quick look to our entries this month:

Contestant: 3 Colours
Models: Ork Warbikers 

Contestant: Adam
Models: Warp Spiders

Contestant: CrAzY424
Models: Tomb Kings cavalry

Contestant: Cyphus
Models: Eldar Hawks

Contestant: Nathaniel Gibbs
Models: Dark Eldar Beast Master

Contestant: Plebicidal
Models: Sisters of Battle

Contestant: Ruby
Models: Tyranid Gargoyles

Contestant: Spicerack
Models: Hunter Orcs

Contestant: Steven Medina
Model: Chaos Space Marine Biker


  1. 3 points: Nathaniel Gibbs
    2 points: 3 Colours
    1 point: Spicerack

  2. 3 points: Nathaniel Gibbs
    2 points: 3 Colours
    1 point: Adam

  3. 3 points: Plebicidal. I love the way you blend colours mate. It´s just brilliant.
    2 points: Adam. No need to explain. They just look amazing.
    1 point: 3 Colours. Love the way your orks look. It´s an awesome theme.

  4. 3 points: 3 Colours, I love your attention to detail with those bikers. Those cheques are so damn small.

    2 points: Adam

    1 point: Plebicidal

  5. 3 points: 3 colours. Love these. So full of character and your paint job really emphasises this.
    2 points: plebicidal. Beautiful painting. Awesome blending, it really brings them to life
    1 point: Adam. Lovely painted unit. They look great

  6. 3 points: Adam
    2 Points: 3 Colours
    1 point: Plebicidal

  7. 3: Adam
    2: 3 Colours.
    1: Plebicidal.

  8. It was close but the detail on Adam's model won the day:
    3 points: Adam
    2 points: Plebicical
    1 point: Spicerack

  9. 3 points: Plebicidal - Really nice, I think eyes would add more to them. Also...the woman with the inferno pistol was not born a woman.
    2 points: Adam - Nice blending, though the back of the exarch is shiny and looks like a transfer.
    3 points: 3 colours - Beautiful work, reminds me of 2nd ed, but the overall colours clashed with each other I felt.

    1. In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, sex is decided by chest armour rather than genitalia.
      Also, that 'sister' actually one of the prettier ones.. (really shows how far gw sculpts have come! )

  10. Adam has trouble with his iPad posting comments on the blog, so he sent me his votes on facebook. Are the next:
    3 points Plebicidal
    2 points Nathaniel
    1 point 3 colours

    1. If he installs chrome, comments should work again.
      I had the same problem when I got my iPad, as Safari doesn't recognise that these are text fields or something...


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