Sunday 7 July 2013

Riptide: Secondary Systems Discussion.

Well we have had a few months since the Riptide has dropped and it is time to talk about the experiences we have all had with it's secondary systems.

I think most people forget that one of the more dangerous abilities of the Riptide is to double fire it's secondary weapons which in some cases can lead to the wiping out of an entire guard squad sitting in cover or in my case: the destruction of tanks. So what is on offer:

Smart Missles:
Great all round support, Ignores cover and Homing make it a very good choice in any situation.

Fusion Blasters:
More specific towards mech lists but stick a Velocity tracker and Early Warning Override on him and you essentially create an 18" bubble of anti-air with a definite 9" kill zone (no one could possibly be as stupid to fly this close but you never know).

Plasma Rifles:
Standard MEQ weapon. Double tap Synergises well with Ion Accelerator.

Personally, I take the Fusion blaster most of the time simply because I can hunt any AV14 without having to spend another 52 points on a dedicated fusion crisis suit. Second to that choice would have to be the Smart Missles. If I was facing a 1vs1 game against guard infantry horde then I would switch out both the Ion Accelerator and Fusion blaster for the Smart Missles and Heavy Burst Cannon (yeah Siceralc.......yeah). I don't really see the need to use Plasma Rifles. The Smart Missles are better in every situation except vs Terminators (but this is why you overcharge your accelerator) and you would never take it as an anti-tank weapon. So it really comes down to a personal choice of either Missles or Fusion. Of course it all depends on the rest of your army to, no point taking Fusion Blasters if you already have them elsewhere.

What are people seeing around the place or using themselves?



  1. I had a question in my mind for a long time. If I have the smart missiles, can I shoot at the rear of vehicles with it? It's homing rule after all... I didn't know, so...can you explain me how do they work?

    1. Homing just allows you to shoot without the need for line of sight. You still have to follow all the regular vehicle facings etc. For example, one of Chris' guardian squads is sitting in a building and you can't see them with your broadside. In this case, you cannot fire the High Yield Missle pods but you may fire the Smart Missles. If for some reason, someone had the rear arc of armour sitting towards you but behind cover, you could fire at the rear arc with th smart Missles.


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