Sunday 7 July 2013

Eldar: The Wave Serpent.

I truly believe the Wave Serpent is awesome and is worthy of a second post.

Firstly, if you're not a follower of online blogs, check out:

Very good overview of the Wave Serpent with some cool animations.

I thought this image was particularly good:

-- Taken from Matt-Shadowlord on 3++ showing the statistical similarity of a Wave Serpent--

I've been systematically turning my Falcons into Wave Serpent by simply replacing the Pulse laser with a second Scatter laser and voila! The Serpent Shield as a weapon is just plain awesome. The issue I face now is how to fit two Wave Serpents filled with Guardians into my Tau list.......which already has a Riptide, Broadsides and Sniper drones filling up the major point slots. It doesn't bode well for many AV12 vehicles who rely on cover for survivability and in combination with my tank hunting Broadsides means Siceralc is having a hard time keeping his vehicles alive.

Always upgrade to a Scatter Laser........always.

Always upgrade to a Shuriken may not be using it first turn but you will be thankful for those extra three shots later on.

Holo-Fields and Spirit Stones are optional but in all honesty save the points for more Wave Serpents!

Don't be surprised if you begin to see Eldar players with 4-5 Wave Serpents sitting back and sniping out key units before moving forwards to disgorge their scoring occupants.



  1. Wish i'd picked up an extra one in the UK now. I will definitely be including one in my game against Ruben in Thursday and probably filling it with Wraithguard with D-scythes...

    1. Yeah nice, d scythes won't end well for Ruben. Kill it quickly!

  2. I have nothing to kill them quickly yet. And he's gonna use the WK and the plane too. He's gonna table me again.

    1. Massed S7 spam has been killing Eldar tanks for ages. It is still very lethal. And one Quad Gun will eliminate the Eldar flyer. Or basically any unit with Skyfire.

  3. I am very interested to see how Wave Serpents will end up shifting play styles. This may be the first time that there are going to regularly be lots of tanks on the board in 6th Ed. I think Long Fangs and some of the star units of 5th Ed might be making a come back in the near future. Interesting times, interesting times.

    I think you can skip Spirit Stones most of the time, but I think Holofields are worth it. You're already paying through the nose for the Wave Serpent, you might as well slap on some more resiliency there. And I love the Shuriken Cannon on there, that AP2 chance is glorious. Besides, I usually won't drop most of my shields the first few turns until I eliminated all the ranged threats to my Serpents so having 7 twin linked S6 shots is very helpful.


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