Tuesday 28 October 2014

Dealing with The End Times

GW dropping their latest FAQ for fantasy has led to a rapid change in the gaming scene. Being able to now take up to 50% lord and 50% heroes means that there are now some seriously hilarious combos available. However, was it the right move?

Well, for some it was the greatest thing to happen since the invention of the six sided dice. We all secretly knew the increase was coming to the main rulebook. GW would never have released a 1,000 point model that is only usable in 4k points games........Plus, it now means you can use your dragon in smaller games now. Or any of those huge characters that are 500+ points.

For me, it means I can bring out my Star Dragon! I got about half way through painting up my High Elf Prince on the dragon before I realised I would probably never get to field him (remember we usually play much smaller games – usually between 1,200-1,800. Now all kitted out I can have the dragon in a 1k game! This doesn’t mean I will win though, as a stray cannon shot can end those plans pretty fast.....I will do it anyway. 

Our first tournament with the new rules will be later on in this month. It will be 1,800 points with pretty much everything except Storm of Magic allowed. Usually we have banned special characters, but this time we decided to go all out and see what happens. I’m not overly sold on the whole “everyone can raise” undead, but I felt the same way about demonology in 40k and it didn’t turn out so bad (something just doesn’t sit right with me about everyone being able to summon units).  I wonder if anyone will rock up with a High Elf army and a hoard of skellies? 

We will see....

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