Sunday 25 May 2014

Wollongong Fantasy Doubles Tournament

Well the day is over and we are all back up here in Sydney. First off, I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to all the players in today's tournament. Especially Tim, the manager down there. Brilliant GW employee who really gives the company a good name. Anyway, today we had fantasy doubles, and Warzone members managed to take out first and second placings.

Pictures of the event can be found here.

TommyH and I took the following:

- Slaughtermaster: Dispel Scroll; Level 4 Wizard 310 
- Bruiser: ironfist; heavy armour; Battle Standard (Rune Maw) 198 
- 8 Ironguts: Bellower; standard bearer (Standard of Discipline) 379
- 4 Mournfang Cavalry: heavy armour; ironfists; standard bearer (Dragonhide Banner) 340 
- 1 Sabretusk 21 

= 1,248 points

- Slaughtermaster: Dispel Scroll; Level 4 Wizard; additional hand weapon 312
- 16 Ogres: ironfists; Crusher; Bellower; standard bearer 542 
- 4 Mournfang Cavalry: heavy armour; ironfists; Bellower; standard bearer (Dragonhide Banner) 350 
- 1 Sabretusk 21 
- 1 Sabretusk 21 

= 1,246 points

 We managed to grab three wins over the course of the day. 
1st round: Empire + High elves (Mitch + Andrew).
2nd round: Dark Elves + Warriors of Chaos (Spicerack + Josh).
3rd round: Wood Elves + Wood Elves (Dan + Nick).

Overall, the best performers of all three games were the two mournfang units. Who managed to take out a lot of enemy units. The WORST performers were, by far, the Ironguts. In our first game, they did NOTHING. In our second game, they fled in their first round of combat, and only in the last game did they manage a charge. Maybe it just performed badly.

Double ogres was ridiculous. Mournfangs with the Dragonhide Banner are just plain stupid, and I can understand being marked down for comp on having TWO of the same unit. 

Anyway, if we head down again with double ogres, we will likely rethink having the Ironguts unit, plus I'm not sure having two Slaughtermasters was necessary. However, having two dispel scrolls was great. I would likely swap out one level 4 for a Butcher, and then slam more points into something else.
Those are my thoughts.

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