Thursday, 22 May 2014

Possible New Bretonnia Rumours?

So we are starting to get Bretonnian rumours. Slowly, but they're coming in. They are rumoured to be coming in July, and apparently we will be seeing at least a rereleased Grail Knight kit.

The first new rumour is that Grail Knights can also be fielded on foot - we have just been sent a photo that could possibly be from a new Grail Knight kit! 

Now there are a few odd things about this photo - first the sword is bright white... That's definitely not normal for a Games Workshop miniature. It does look like it's from a White Dwarf though, and if you look to the right there is another snippet that is cut off - it looks to be a BSB or maybe a unit banner... It definitely has Bretonnian heraldry on the model however so I'm not quite sure. 

Take it as you will guys - remember this is just a rumour. We will be reporting more as we see it - I'm very excited about new Bretonnians! 

Alles gute,


  1. Looks like scratch built terrain in the lower part of the image. Don't think GW does scratch build in their magazines but who knows...

  2. Regarding the white sword, if genuine the image could be from the design notes article "and here it was halfway through". I'm optimistic for Bretonnians. My own Bret army has a mighty two knights in it (want every heraldry to be unique) but it would be lovely to see.

  3. Should be a questing knight as they are the only knights with great weapons

  4. Test model by a trainee sculptor. First shown at GD five years ago. It's not news.

    1. So it's plausible to say that this is at least a possibility! If it's a GW sculpt then my hopes are raised.

    2. Hey mate - thanks for confirming that for us! Hopefully we see some new models soon :)

  5. it looks like eddard stark O.O


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