Tuesday 8 April 2014

Working on Krieg

WIP shot of my first kriegsman. Inspiration drawn from this art:


  1. Im not an amazing painter or anything, but I personally think the model looks a bit odd. Of course its all personal taste but the painting itself is great, just the colours seem weird.

    As much as I love bright colours, maybe the blue needs to be darkened? Or it needs to be broken up a bit?

    I really like the idea, but as you said its a work in progress so next photo might change my opinion completely.

    Fan of your work, I look around here sometimes.


    1. Thanks for the feedback mate. Maybe once the mud effects are applied it will feel more "kriegy"?

    2. Maybe yea, I was thinking about it and he looks very rubbery or latexy. So mud may just do the trick.


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