Friday 14 March 2014

Dwarf Organ Guns are.......awesome.

 Okay, so we tried out the new dwarves last night. Luckily, stone throwers aren't as broken as they used to be. However, the organ gun has become more deadly.

My organ guns were exactly the same except for one having a rune of burning. Master engineer + rune of accuracy. It effectively meant that they were BS5. Having the engineer ability to re roll an artillery dice is a HUGE advantage. You simply sit there and re roll misfires, or the results if you're not happy. However, my advice is to keep whatever you roll unless it's catastrophically low. Rolling up 10 (which is common) or more hits will still do a huge amount of damage. Even if you do manage to roll a misfire, you are only at -1 to hit, which off Bs5 isn't much. Having two created a kill zone that scared Spiceracks Elves into the forests of th board. 

Entrenching from the engineers is also crazy. Hard cover and -1 to hit in combat makes the war machine fairly durable. Extremely durable vs shooting. However, they still have their weaknesses.....namely war machine hunting characters. Spicerack was able to reach my lines with his Pegasus mounted dreadlord. He basically just cleared the lines after a few turns.

Now, I'm not a huge expert on fantasy, but the Organ Guns were game changing. They pretty much wipe out his big units, only dying to the Dreadlord. Crazy stuff.

I highly recommend people taking them with Engineers and Runes of Accuracy.

Don't fall into the mistake of jamming on a rune of forging. You can't re-roll a re-roll, so theres no using the engineer re-roll to then re-roll a misfire.

Keep it at BS5.

- Out.

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  1. Have you blokes tried the iron drakes yet ? The models look ok but I have no idea about the rules...


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