Wednesday 12 March 2014

1st 40k Warzone Fantasy Open!

Hi All, 

Here at 40k Warzone we have a few competitive Fantasy Players, so we've decided to host our 1st Warhammer Fantasy Battle! 

I'll summarise the event details here for you: 

26th of April at the Sydney Games Workshop 
$20 Entry 
Storm of Magic Allowed
NO Special Characters Allowed 
60% Battle 
25% Painting 
15% Sports 

If you'd like to see the complete players pack you can head to the event page here:

We would LOVE you Sydney Siders to attend this event - we are known for giving out some great prizes and you would not be short of a good time. 

If any of you want to jump on the bandwagon early and submit your lists you can email them to me and the guys at Hope to get some of these lists soon! 

Alles gute, 

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