Monday 4 November 2013

#1 40K WarZone Hobbyist

Thanks to all the contestants in our first entry for 40K WarZone Hobbyist. All the entries were brilliant, but some of them are outstanding. Now, let you guys decide and vote for your favorites. 
The voting is simple. You will vote your 3 favorite models giving them 3, 2 and 1 points, being 3 the best. You can copy-paste this to make it easier:

3 points: 
2 points:
1 point:

Next to each one, just write the name of the contestant, and we will count all the votes to see which one is the best. Based on the scores, we will give points like in "Formula 1", and by the end of the year, the one with more points will win. So if you couldn't submit anything this month, don't worry, you can still catch up!
Now, enjoy guys and vote in the comments below!

Contestant: Xilies
Model: Lizardmen Scar-Veteran Battle Standard Bearer

Contestant: TJ Atwell AKA Old School Terminator of Dark Future Games
Model: Daemon Prince
Details: "This model is built from a Fantasy Beastmen Ghorgon and a Maulerfiend with some select necron bits"

Contestant: Cyphus
Model: Illic

Contestant: Plebicidal
Model: Iron Lords Helldrake
Details: "Painted over 3 days for MOAB 4k doubles. Top nominee for most useless model of the tourney (got shot down or vetor locked before it got a shot off every game :( ). Pain in the arse to get pics of!"

Contestant: Nathaniel Gibbs
Model: Dark Eldar Archon
Details: "He is my dark eldar archon that I have converted and painted in theme with my harlequin carnivale raiding force. I used a few parts to make him, including high elf & DE wych parts, empire captain and cannon gunner bits. My army theme was originally based on eldar harlequins but quickly evolved into a more carnival theme. I love all the bright colours and gaity of a carnival and wanted to replicate that with my dark eldar. A carnival is a happy celebration but I liked the fact that a dark eldar carnival would have a sinister edge, a layer of sweet candy hiding an infinity of pain and suffering. "

Contestant: Crazy242
Model: High Elf Wizard

Contestant: TommyH
Model: Chapter Master

Contestant: Siceralc
Model: Dark Elf Sorceress

Contestant: 3Colours
Model: Avatar of Khaine

Contestant: Ruby
Model: Black Consul's Centurion
Details: I decided to start a Black Consuls' army not long time ago, and as the new Space Marines came out, I couldn´t wait to get my hands on the Centurions. I used predominantly Abbadon Black, Gehennas Gold and 2 or 3 highlights for both colours. I also used the glossy effect on the grav cannons, and for the first time, I used grass on the bases properly (I think)


  1. 3 points: Plebicidal
    2 points: TJ Atwell AKA Old School Terminator of Dark Future Games
    1 point: Xilies

  2. 3 points: Nathaniel Gibbs
    2 points: 3 Colours
    1 point: TJ Atwell

    That was a tough one, cause I reckon Plebicidal should be in that top 3 as well...

  3. 3 points: 3 Colours
    2 points: Plebicidal
    1 point: TJ

  4. Some fantastic models on display here.. makes it hard to hard to choose!
    3 points: old school terminator (very impressive conversion & solid paint job. Watched it over on dfg.. Always a fan of his work!)
    2 points: Nathaniel gibbs. Great theme, well executed conversion & a solid paint job.
    1 point: ruby. As much as I dislike the models itself, is a simple scheme that's been executed well. Black is a deceptively hard scheme to work with.
    Honorable mention goes to 3colours. I love the model & I think it's been well painted. . Unfortunately I think the pic didn't do it justice.
    Seems like a subject that a lot of folk struggle with.. I think I'll do an article on how to get the best results from your pics so we can judge future entries on thier paint rather than photography skills!

    Also, shameless plug: I'll be selling the helldrake I painted. Anyone who is interested, get in touch before it goes on ebay ;)

  5. 3 points: Plebicidal
    2 points: TJ Atwell AKA Old School Terminator
    1 point: 3Colours (Probably would've been higher if the photo was better quality)

  6. 3 Points: TJ
    2 Points: Plebicidal.
    1 Point: Nathaniel Gibbs.

  7. 3 points: TJ
    2 points:3 Colours
    1 point:Nathaniel Gibbs

  8. These are all awesome entries guys and a great turnout for our first WarZone Hobbyist.

    3 points: Nathaniel Gibbs
    2 points: TJ
    1 point: Plebicidal

  9. 3 points: Nathaniel Gibbs
    2 points: Xilies
    1 point: 3 Colours

    All great entries. really enjoying looking at all the pics entered. Creamy

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Awesome, awesome entries guys. Thanks everyone who submitted photos - great to see so many people contributing to the blog!

      3. TJ
      2. 3Colours
      1. Xilies

      Looking forward to future events!

      - TommyH

  11. 3. TJ Atwell
    2. Plebicidal
    1. Ruby

  12. Hey all, try this for your pics next time ;)


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