Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Rumour Watch: Tyranids ahoy!

A few new things, but mostly just a round up of what is coming:

Via BigRed on BOLS:
-Tyranids kick off 2014 ~so look for pictures and craziness to ensue in the December rampup
-An emphasis on making EVERY unit in the codex viable this time around ~we're looking at you Pyrovore!
-The army rules and theme are focused on adaptability of unit abilities and inter-unit synergy ~there will be "combos"
-Emphasis on model releases will be to get out all the missing models in the previous codex
-Look for a small number of highly specialized new units to shore up 6th edition deficiencies in the army
-A new unseen big bug kit is among these

-Ultramarine Tyranic War Veteran Supplemental codex is the next supplemental book coming, to tie into the release and to provide worthy foes for the hive-fleets.
-BOTH digital and physical versions out in Q1 2014 


What would people say are the "6th edition deficiencies" that Nids are lacking?


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