Sunday 1 September 2013

Dark Eldar Beginnings

So, I finally got a copy of Codex: Dark Eldar, and am beginning to peice together some ideas. But first, I thought I'd share some fluff I've come up with.

Kabal of the Shadowed Void

The Shadowed Void is a group of outcasts from the Dark City. However, unlike most outcasts they choose this willingly, for they do not believe in Vect's leadership. They fled the city, complete with a wych cult and a select group of Haemonculi, as Vect's plan to destroy the noble houses of Commorragh played out and the Salamanders attacked. They sealed themselves in a faraway section of the webway and began to create a new city and consolidate power and forces.

Lead by the mysterious group known as the Mirrored Ones, the forces of the Shadowed Void have made thousands of successful raids into the Imperium of Man, the Eldar Exodites and even the Necron's realms. These raids have all been lead by a single member of the Mirrored Ones, known as a Silvered Helm, and all have achieved their goal within mere minutes of launch.

Whilst they are away from the Dark City, the powers of the Kabal have only increased. Soon, when they are ready, they will return, and the Dark City will be reshaped in their image.

All comments and suggestions are appreciated!

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