Saturday 31 August 2013

Attempt at Airbrush #2

So after my first attempt failed, and, a two days struggle with a paint clog, I have gotten out one of my old un-used raiders for a test run of yellow. To be honest, the colour is pretty amazing. Took all of about fifteen seconds to do the entire raider. See above.

Anyway, I thought I should add in some "shading."

I didn't have a "burnt yellow" as the tutorial had told me to use so I just used a mix of 80% Yellow and 20% dark grey to get the "shading" colour. I then decided to spray some white onto the areas that I thought would have light on them, followed by a light spray over of yellow to minimise the huge shading patches.

Doesn't look too bad in my opinion. Getting there.

My next step was to try out some self-made oil wash. I had heard that it was easy to make your own so I did just that.

Firstly, I applied two thin layers of diluted down Satin Varnish. Then after waiting for them to dry I applied a mix of black oil paint and white spirit to the recesses. I waited an hour for it to dry and then attempted to wipe off the over-wash with a brush and white spirit. Only issue is that I believe the oil hadn't fully dried yet. My mistake:

Apart from the mess that I created in trying to wipe off the excess wash, applying it was rather simple. The wash went directly into the recess and, overall, I am happy with the first attempt. I will try again on the other side of the Raider to see if my technique can improve. Furthermore, on the second attempt I will be using some stencils to living up the yellow.


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