Monday 19 August 2013

Think Tank: New White Scars? Ideas?

If, for whatever reason, you have been living in the deep abyss of real life and have missed what has been going on over the past week then you will want to check this out:

Compilation of all the rules so far thanks to The Emperors Champion off Bolter and Chainsword.


Crazy week. There is some great looking stuff on the new marines. I am most impressed with White Scars. Bike armies have been a good choice but now they are just that ever bit more ridiculous. Rumoured to have the following chapter traits:

+1 Hammer of Wrath attacks.
+1 Jink.
Ignore Terrain.
Hit & Run.

So skilled rider??

Two str4 auto hits at I10 automatically makes them a threat to most Xenos armies. However, the true ace of the set is Khan giving Scout to the rest of the bikes in the army. Ravenwing already troll around with this so it is easy to see how the new Scars will work.

It's pretty much a win-win situation for you in this case. Spam bikes and give your opponent first turn (unless you're facing something that can out-combat which case go first and shoot them). Simply Scout move 12" up the board and wait until your opponent has attempted to shoot at your T5, 3+ armour save (4+ Jink to) units before charging them in your turn 1. Ally in some Tau for AA fire power and you're laughing.

On the assault each bike hits with their 2 HoT attacks first, then follows it up with their own attacks. Hopefully you can stick around in combat until your opponents turn and then just Hit and Run out of combat and assault back in!




  1. YOu can't assault the first game turn when you scout move I believe.

    1. I believe it says first player turn, although I do not have my rulebook handy.

      In other news, Sternguard are no longer available from GW, so they are defenitly getting an update!

  2. From my understanding of the new White Scars rules it is +1 to the STRENGTH of their Hammer or Wrath attacks not an additional attack.


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