Wednesday 3 July 2013

Rumour Watch: Fantasy 2013.

What's in store for fantasy? Let's look at what the rumour mill has to say.

Are next. Quite literally next for August. Lizardmen are pretty damn cool, if I didn't have a High Elf army then they would certainly be at the top of my list. Here is what is floating around:

New "giant dinosaur kit" (bigger than the Carnosaur)
New plastic "Terradon" kit - about the same size as the High Elves Phoenix
Coatl (may be the alternative build for the "Terradon" kit)
Finecast Slann

Sacred Spawns return  

Still a bit early to be confirming anything but it all sounds to be on the right track. Sacred Spawnings making a return is plain hilarious. I remember playing fantasy 6th edition vs my mate's Sacred Spawned Saurus and just getting smashed regularly. Also wondering what will happen in terms of magic for the Slann. Teclis, who is arguably as powerful as a Slann, took a huge hit to his magic potential. I wonder if the same will happen to the Slann.

Dark Elves:
Yes Siceralc.....they are coming. Due October or November depending on which rumour source you go by. Here is what is going around:

Note: All taken from Faeit212:

via Zeipherer on Warseer
Dark Elves are due in October 2013, it is said be a complete new book and not just a wave
New elite infantry kit, possibly witch elves, executioners or black guards.
(If new witch elves, there will most definitely be a new Cauldron of Blood piece)

Rumors I've heard:
New large monster type, probably 150x100 base type. Though could be anything, a kit of options to build a hydra, manticore or other monster types.
Plastic harpy kit with two options, neither of which have been specified except it is harpy related.

via Valkyrie Sky
Sure I can contribute, Exexutioner and Black Guard share same kit, with black guards having alternate caped back piece, head, and halberd.
The weapons are almost interchangeable without any work done no matter what torso you use for the body yes even if 2 handed.

My speculation is there will be no new manticore as chaos already received a new plastic one during storm of chaos.

Lastly regarding Cauldron of Blood. It is a hybrid kit with old witch Elf element for 1 build. While the new variation is like Empire War Altar.
It has a special aura similar to EOTG called ??? blades that is like a whirl wind of magic blades that damage surrounding enemies emitted by khain's hatred.

Via Larry Vela on Bols Lounge
Look for many new Dark Elf models on launch, focusing on those "that needed it" *hint, hint*

I would assume "that need it" means:
Black Guard 
Witch Elves
Cauldron of Blood

And I saved the best for last:

Sounds interesting. I hope for Dark Elves sake that they get as good an update as High Elves did (Although for the love of the game, please keep my 2+ Ward vs magic banner only to HE).

Early 2014. Who knows after that.

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    Let's see those new special rules that wipe out that pesky Banner of the World Dragon and spread warm faeces all over those units of Phoenix Guard.



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