Wednesday 29 May 2013

For the Emp..or.............ire!


Well I may or may not be attending a 1500 point tournament next week but if I do then I thought it would be best to give Taudar a run. I've been meaning to get this force together for quite some time but due to a) eBay sellers messing around and b) Uni, I haven't.

Anyway, I threw together a list on Quartermaster as a base with Tau before I add in a small Eldar force:

Commander: missile pod; Puretide Engram Neurochip; XV8-02 Crisis 'Iridium' Battlesuit; Target Lock. 145
Ethereal: marker drone; marker drone. 74

XV104 Riptide: early warning override; ion accelerator. 190

10 Fire Warriors 90
10 Fire Warriors 90
10 Kroot 60

6 Pathfinders 66

9 Sniper Drones: 2× Firesight Marksman. 161
3 Sniper Drones: 3× Firesight Marksman. 84
3 XV88 Broadside Team: Broadside Shas'ui (early warning override; missile drone; missile drone); Broadside Shas'ui (early warning override); Broadside Shas'ui (early warning override); Bonding Knife Ritual. 237

Aegis Defence Lines: gun emplacement with quad-gun. 100
1,297 points

The commander will load up on the Quad gun with the broadside boys. Ethereal will join the smaller sniper squad to boost the number of BS5 marker lights to 5. I threw in a derp squad of pathfinders on the off-chance they actually survive the first and second turn providing lights for the broadsides (I know twin-linked is good, but BS2 twin-linked is even better). Kroot will outflank or infiltrate onto an achievable objective (although I am considering adding a 2nd unit......if Lee has the models).

Pretty much the entire army revolves around the large sniper team, the riptide and broadsides shooting everything to death.

This list can change depending on what comes out on Saturday for Eldar. I don't have time to be gluing together new models so will roll with what I have. Now that Guide can be cast on "friendly unit's" I will be running book powers on the allied farseer.



  1. I already started to paint my first fire warriors squad lol

  2. Have a big pathfinder squad out of los/gone to ground. Use guide and snap shot onto fliers. Even 1 hit makes a huge difference with your TL broadsides, statistically you could land a few more.
    Are you seriously omitting Missile Drones? C'mon!
    With guide, I would seriously consider marker drones over pathfinders. JSJ will stop them inst dying


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