Monday 28 April 2014

N.S.W. 40k Warzone Open #3!

Over the past few months it's been absolutely incredible to watch the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit scene return in N.S.W. and Victoria. Being a part of such a dedicated community (and being able to host events regularly for that community) is just awesome.

We had the privilege of running the BIGGEST Lotr Tournament in Australia with our Warzone Open #2, only to be snatched away a few months later by the fantastically run Victorian event, 'Silmarili' (props to the Vic's!).  But now the time has come and the chance for an even BIGGER event with our Warzone Open #3.

A quick summary of the Details:

Location: Games Workshop Sydney, N.S.W.
Date: 14th of June, 2014
Start Time: 9:30am
Points: 500
Cost: $20 Games Workshop Gift Voucher
Contact Details: 40k Warzone (

Round 4 - TO THE DEATH!

Major Win (Double VP's) - 16 Battle Points
Minor Win - 13 Battle Points
Draw - 8 Battle Points
Loss - 3 Battle Points

70% Battle
15% Sports
15% Painting

We are estimating that we can fit 38 - 44 players at this tournament, and to max out the venue would be AWESOME.

We will also be running a painting competition (across all 3 systems) on the day separate to the Tournament which people can enter. The day will be full on and a LOT of fun. We have already drummed up some interstate attention and there will be a great mix of casual hobbyists and competitive gamers.

So please, come to the event and enjoy yourself, say hello to the team! Besides, wouldn't it be an awesome feeling to say that you won an award at the BIGGEST Lord of the Rings/Hobbit tournament in AUSTRALIA!?

Here's a link to the Tournament Event Page/Players Pack:

And a link to the Painting Competition:

We've already got quite a few players confirmed as coming (roughly 50% of capacity) so please, get in quick and come enjoy yourselves!

Alles gute,

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