Monday 28 April 2014

New Project: Ogre Kingdoms

Recently I obtained my first batch of Ogres! I'm really excited to get into fantasy and this will mark my first Warhammer Fantasy Force. 

They all came on custom bases as you might be able to see. The army was a Work in Progress, with 6 Ogres and 2 Iron Guts beautifully painted. 

There was also this incredibly beautiful custom built Bruiser Battle Standard Bearer: 

Trust me; the photos do not do it justice. It ranks up perfectly too! I've promised the seller (who is also a reader of our blog) that I'll give him an incredibly special treatment: don't worry about it mate! 

Fenrisian wolves will be my Sabretusks:

As far as the colour scheme goes I'm not too worried about perfectly marching the skin tones of the existing Ogres - close would be preferable but slight variations would make the army look more natural. I will be matching the Trouser colours however - I doubt Ogres would be very good at dyeing their clothes! 

As you can tell I'm incredibly excited to get into Fantasy - I'll be bringing you lots of articles following my work in progress and I'm sure you'll see a few battle reports too. We have a few cool ideas for painting tutorials on the blog so I'll be happy to take part in them. Props to Luke for selling them too me! 

Hope you look forward to a bit more fantasy! 

Alles gute,


  1. Looking good! How did the fantasy open go?

    1. It went well mate! A smaller turnout than we'd hoped but still a fun day with a good prize pool :) Check the results out on our facebook page :)


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