Tuesday 27 August 2013

Unit examination: Daemonettes of Slaanesh

  • Unit name: Daemonettes of Slaanesh
  • Unit type: infantry
  • Special rules: Daemons of Slaanesh, Daemonic instability and Deep Strike
  • Good at: close combat
  • Use against: Terminators and units with high armor/ average-low T
  • Countered by: anti-infantry weapons
  • Description:
In my opinion, these girls are the best close combat option after Bloodletters of Khorne. Depending what if your opponent, even better that them. 
They are the troops choice fast attack, running d6+3" every turn, and they have Fleet and Rending. On top of that, they have 2 base attacks, WS 5 and I 5, so most of the times they´re gonna strike first. Their negative point would be their low S 3, but their rending rule kinda makes up for that. If you also include a Herald of Slaanes in the unit, or a Masquee of Slaanesh, they will become quite nasty on duels. Sure, they might die easy...but they strike first, and with lots of attacks. 
As the other Chaos Daemons troops, they're quite cheap (9 points per model), and one point cheaper that Bloodletters. As they "fly" through the battlefield, I reckon is better to play them without Deep Striking, but as usual with all the Daemons, it's entirely up to you...
Same way as Harlequins, they specially shine when fighting against units that are "slow", durable and strong, like Terminators. Their WS 5 will make easy to get several hits out of all the attacks that you will deal, and chances are that you will roll a few 6s to wound. A unit of just 90 points can cause a lot of damage in your 200 points unit of Terminators. You can even use them against vehicles to attack their rear armor with their rending rule and glance them to death. But once again, every single player uses them different. 
  • Scores
    • Close combat: 8/10
    • Ranged attack: N/A
    • Defense: 5/10
    • Utility on games: 7/10
    • Quality/points prize: 8/10
    • Overall: 6.5/10


  1. The Masque isn't an IC

  2. 8/10 for combat?!?! Rending is okay but against something like a Daemon Prince they are bad. Also, how did you miss talking about sporafic musk?

    1. I don't own any Daemonettes yet, so I was talking just from reading the rule book. Planning to get some next week probably. Still, 10 Daemonettes are just 90 points while a daemon prince is way more. No matter T, with 6 they always wound, and having so many attacks for a cheap unit, I think it's worth it, but, once again, it's just my opinion...What is that sporafic musk by the way?


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