Monday 9 December 2013

Today's New Tyranid Rumours.

Alright, a lot of stuff.

Via Endobai on Warseer:
Also, what the hell, expect a dataslate with the release. Nothing unexpected something like this appears I realise, but it will apparently give another option to create an army.
3rd edition players will notice some similarity between it and one evil, sickly powerful army list from a decade ago; though I seriously hope it will be only representing similar idea, but without the rules almost every non-Tyranid player hated back then.

There is more than one new MC in the initial release. 'A new MC for the army of bioengineered monsters?' - not a suprise.
Epic 40 000 players will recognise one easily.
Not Harridan of course.

FOC changes. Not sure yet if your HQ can move some units to different slots, but one unit moves a MC in the FOC.
Probably guys from 40k radio will cover the codex, but it is still more than a full month left... 

Via Bigred on BOLS:
Tyranid Warriors

Tyranid Warriors available in both HQ (Tyranid Prime)and Troops.
- HQ Warriors function as the Prime's retinue, and do not deploy separately.
- Prime + Retinue may deploy in a Mycetic Spore.

Troops Warriors are mostly unchanged.
Updated Biomorphs.
Adrenal Glands is much improved.
Warriors cheaper in points. (75pts base for unit).

- Arm design is similar to the Forgeworld Harridan.
- Wings attach to the body via 2 sets of arm slots.
- Back 2 pairs are for the wings.
- First pair of arms is reserved for various weaponry/gribblies.


Lastly, Endobai has commented on the following:

Previously stated on BOLS:
New Tyranid plastic kits:
Warrior - Shrike: 3 model kit.
HiveGuard - Tyrantguard: 3 model kit. New weapon option for Hiveguard, Full lash whip-sword-claw-talon bits for Tyrant guard.
Pyrovore - Biovore - Hellevore: 1 model plastic kit. 3 plastic spore mines included.
Harpy - Eriyne: 1 model plastic kit.
Mycetic Spore: 1 model plastic kit.
Tyranid Prime: 1 model plastic kit. 

Endobai's response:
Half of it is completely wrong, mistaken or just slightly off the mark.
But hell, there could be a second wave so untill the codex is there it is not certain.


As always, everything is rumours, take it as you will.

- Out.

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  1. In regards to the Epic 40k import, I'm hoping for a haruspex, but it will probably be a dominatrix, as originally rumoured.


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