Sunday 13 July 2014

Can triple B-Wing builds still work?

B-Wings are cool, and my normal list with them is three with Advanced Sensors and Heavy Laser Cannons. Before Wave-4, these guys were great. The sensors made them insanely good in a close-knit dog fight, and the 4 constant shots was horrifically good against most of what was out there. However, with the release of the Phantom and Defender, things have become a bit....awkward.

I don't think I have won a single game against a Phantom list yet. My B-wings are such a low pilot skill that they don't have a hope in even guessing where Echo might end up....and once he get's within 1 of you, you can say goodbye to most of your shields. Furthermore, the Defender's maneuverability is pretty insane. A lot of white moves (inluding a K-turn!), and while I find I can predict where they are going, it is the same story....quadruple my pilot skill, and 4 shots at range 1. Imperial ships with shields are horrifying really. I know a lot of people have been saying that this is "the era of stress," but I wanted to try and find a way around that with my B-Wings. However, the reality is that you need stress against the Phantom....and you need a lot of it, or a big turret.

Don't get me wrong, B-Wings are still great craft. My new list combines two of them with a Falcon (strange, but it seems to work), but the old triple list is out. 

One thing though, the YT-2400 looks great!

- Out.


  1. I think Rebel Aces is when B-Wings are going to come back in force. The Phantom is just such a bad match up for them right now. But Keyan Farlander changes all of that.

    7 Pilot Skill, and an ability that essentially turns stress into focus is very solid. 29 points is certainly not cheap, but this guy becomes a cornerstone of a Rebel list.

    1. 100% man, I have my Rebel Aces on Pre-Order. I am excited to see what the second B-Wing pilot will be as well.


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