Saturday 12 July 2014

Juggling four gaming systems

Playing four different tabletop systems can be a lot of fun, but it can also be very draining on the wallet and sanity. As any of the active readers may have noticed, X-Wing has been driving the Warzone bus for at least two months now (and we are even talking about going to nationals!). However, we still have LOTR, 40k and Fantasy. Here is how we juggle them.....

Quite frankly, it is a system of saying "what tournament is next?" Alright, lets focus on that! With our X-Wing tournament coming up on the 19th of July, we are focused on making sure we have everything that we will need for it. Once that is completed, we have our 40k tournament in early August. So between the 19th and the 2nd of August, we will be pounding down as many 40k games as we can. Thankfully, LOTR is not for a while yet, so I still have some time to get my force completed. 

Of course in a gaming world, we would be able to fit all four in regularly, but it just can't be done with full time work. I know some guys are simply selling off their other systems in order to have space for the new one (which I am doing in a way - selling off my excess 40k). However, I don't think I, or any of the team, will be doing that in the near future. Although Ruby has just gotten himself into the land of Magic The Gathering. 

Anyway, juggling can be hard, but with practice it can be done!


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