Friday 11 July 2014

New Imperial Knight Character!

Via Forge the Narrative

Well isn't that interesting? 500pts is extremely hefty, but the boy is able to Run and Shoot and reroll those pesky 1's on the Stomp table. 

Will he be abailable for Chaos armies? That's my question. What are your thoughts guys? Will you be fielding him? 

Alles Gute,


  1. His buffs are nice, but not worth the extra 130. An increase of 40-50 would have been appropriate. You can field him as Chaos, just stay 6" clear of him with your other units :)

    1. for 3++ BS5/WS5 without being warlord or random rank ... run and shoot ... reroll 1s to stomp ... big buffs for an expensive model ... I never seen cheaper upgrades on models beyond 300 ... is fitting ... I will use it any day if I go IKs


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