Monday 9 December 2013

New Promethium Pipes: Good news.

Alright, so the boyz and I have been talking. This is what has come out.

How can we use pipes to our full advantage? Simple for armies like Guard: you get in a vehicle and park behind it.

Okay, before you jump to conclusions. We know that the vehicle CANNOT use the promethium bonus.....Sadly. However, that won't stop you adding torrent to the guys holed up inside of it. It's a win-win really. You can shoot out, and won't get boned by the exploding pipe.

Let's take Guard as the most obvious example.

Platoon Command Squad with four flamers in a stock standard Chimera. 

Alright, now, the best course of action is going to be to set up the promethium lines as far forwards are you dare to do. You want to be able to drive up to it and start burning people ASAP. Four flamers isn't game breaking, but they are annoying. Having Torrent is a nice advantage, especially if there are some objectives within the killzone. Okay, so the AV12 of the Chimera really isn't that hard to deal with. Vs Serpents, you're dead, vs Tau, you're dead. etc. However, for every serpent that shoots at a lonesome Chimera, that is less shots directed at your manticore. 

You want to know something hilarious? What about Orks. How about 10-15 Burna Boyz in a battlewagon? Sitting on the promethium line. It's not even that expensive. 

Here is one question. How big are the promethium lines? Oil pipes today can be huge, so what do we use to represent them? Toilet paper rolls? The tubing from glad wrap? Personally, I won't see any problem with someone bringing a large promethium pipe. It's realistic. The demands of the Imperium are paramount. Some people will cry "modelling for advantage" which may be true in some cases, but not really for this. If you want to build a big enough pipe to ensure a 4+ cover save on your battlewagon, then by all means - do it. 

One more thing, adding obstacles to it can help to. Add some additional barricades out front and you can sit nicely between the two sections (take dozer blades). Gaining a few extra inches on the torrent can do great. OR, take the fortification combo and bring some Void Shields along for the ride. 

It's not game breaking, and it's riding off your opponent allowing you to bring the additional fortifications. I'm awaiting to see what the Tournaments will be allowing in terms of these additional fortifications. 

Interesting stuff.

- Out.

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