Sunday 11 May 2014

Dark Eldar Restart.

SO! I’m selling off my Tau to a mate, and heading back to Dark Eldar. I will still have my Eldar for tournaments, but now with fantasy and LOTR picking up, I need to make space!

The recent rumours over on Natfka (here & here) about Dark Eldar were interesting to say the least. New Grotesques isn’t surprising. In fact I bet it’s a multi-kit with another “new” unit. New Wracks is going to be cool, especially since there is talk about the Bane unit that sounds AMAZING. Chemical warfare specialists! a whole unit with liquifier guns would be hilarious. Or a 2+ poison template.
Anyway, I’m happy with my Kabilite colour scheme. It’s a fairly easy process, and it doesn’t turn out too badly. What does need to happen is a repaint of my vehicles. Now that I have more skills with the airbrush, I’ll be putting them to use. I will try out a bit of pre-shading on some new Kabalites to see if anything changes. Hopefully it will look good, and easier to repeat. 

Lastly, I'm hoping DE make a major come back in 7th!

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  1. My buddy plays dark eldar. I've seen the size of their mini's. Anyone who can paint them earns my respect, as space marines are gigantic compared to them. I like your scheme for them, and the paintjob is excellent!

    As to the rules. Always remember that GW's current stance is to "nerf the good things, buff the bad things".

    So anything that works in a current army list (pretty much any DE list on the web currently), may be severely weakened in a codex update. So don't get too excited till you see the full extent of their changes. I've definitely learned to not purchase multiples of units (besides maybe 2) to spam armies these it always ends up hurting so badly when they nerf the thing you're spamming.

    That said...the rumor of being able to consolidate into combat would give such a boon to dark eldar, as they pretty much wouldn't need anything else!


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