Tuesday 22 April 2014

Well the Wood Elves are here with armour piercing spears.

From the few grainy pics that we have floating around, we can make a few assumptions. Firstly, that Wood Elves gain army wide Always Strikes First. Surprised? Not really. What I am surprised by is the “Asral Spears” giving Armour Piercing. It actually states that the spears of the Wood Elves are “impossibly sharp.” Interesting. I wonder if they will have a simlar rule for bows? S3 armour piercing bows isn’t game breaking, but it would make them the best Bows in the game. S3 armour piercing spears aren’t game breaking either, but would make them slightly more decent once buffed up with Wildform. Treeman don’t seem too bad at all actually. Durthu seems like a good investment off the stats, but sinking a Lord choice but by unjustifiable if there are other better options.

Anway, so excited!

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