Sunday 20 April 2014

The Pask Brigade.

Time to talk some more guard options. I wouldn't say that it's a hugely competitive option for your army, but it might be worth considering against your mates or in a tournament that is on a 4x4 board.

Here are the basics:
Pask in a Leman Russ Punisher.
2 x Leman Russ Eradicators.

SO, where to get started. Why have we chosen to use Pask in the first place? Well, he isn't a bad choice. He was okay in the last book, and only got better in this one. Choosing him in a punisher will give the 20 shots rending, which is a great bonus. The 24" range is greatly debilitating on 6x4 boards where your opponent can escape the 30" range. Consequently, as I said before, the best option for this unit is whilst playing a 4x4 board. It's not invincible, Meltaguns/Wraithcannons, or anything else will still cause you problems. One option to keep this lot alive would be to combine this with a fearless blob of conscripts, OR bring a bunch of Primaris psykers and hope for 4+ invul.

Why the eradicators? Well, they are an insanely good bargain at 120 points. Their large blast is average against anything with a 2+ or 3+ armour save, but you can leave Pask to deal with those. Plus, if you are facing off against such targets, having your opponent roll more armour saves is what will win you the game. You can't fail them if you aren't rolling them! Anyway, if you happen to face off against Tau/Eldar/Tyranids/Guard/Dark Eldar then you will be laughing. 

So, best thing to do is just park these boys smack bang in the middle of your lines, driving forward whilst using the tank commanders orders to shoot at two different targets. Make sure you bring along a Prescience giver to boost the unit. Also, if Pask is your warlord, he and his unit gain Preferred enemy against a codex of your choice. Basically meaning that you will be re-rolling to hit and re-rolling to wound vs most enemies. Pask vs T4 will only be re-rolling those 1's to wound, but that is still pretty damn good. Especially since every one of those re-rolls is an additional chance for rending.

Give it a go. It's not hugely expensive, you make sure you protect it.

- Out.


  1. Also keep in mind if combining with a blob to give all the tanks camo netting, 15 points a pop for camo cloaks for vehicles is amazing!

  2. Would you add sponsons to the tanks and if yes – which sponson weapons would you prefer?

    I'm currently playing Pask in a Punisher as allied squadron for my Chaos Marines, but most of the times I use a Leman Russ Vanquisher as additional tank in Pask's squadron. The Astra Militarum and my Heldrakes offer enough tools that ignore cover, so there isn't that much use for an Eradicator in my army list – that's why I prefer the Vanquisher.

    IMHO, the main problem about Pask's squadron is failing the command test that provides Pask's unit with split fire. Every time you fail that test, you have to fire with all two or three tanks at the same target – and it's very likely that you'll just overkill that unit or that at least one of the tanks has the wrong weapon against it.

    Nonetheless, I really like Pask squadrons.

    1. Yeah, the failing of the order can be a pain. Prob best to run the entire squadron as anti infantry so if you do happen to fail, you can just utterly destroy whatever the primary target is. I would only take sponsons on pask, and they would be Heavy bolters. Simply because an additional six str5 shots can come in handy Vs infantry. Just remember that they don't get rending.

    2. I can certainly see the appeal of the Vanquisher now that they're so cheap. 72" semi melta is great!

      As far as sponsons go it comes down to role. When I was using the above tank detachment Crazy is talking about I went for heavy bolters. On Pask that gives you additional anti infantry power that isn't to be sneezed at for 20 points. As for the Eradicators because the main cannon is only heavy it enables the tank to use it's entire arsenal in addition to the nifty ignores cover template, and s5 is a good backup against the sort of units the Eradicators are likely to be targeting.

  3. And remember Pask is a character, all those 6 precision shots are a must!


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