Friday 21 March 2014

Fantasy League

So Spicerack and I just joined a 500 point escalating campaign league. We are still a bit shaky on the structure of it, but we got a few games in last night for it.

Spicerack tabled me in our first game. His list has a sorc, two bolt throwers and corsairs. Mine has a noble, seven silver helms, five Reavers and a lion cahariot. A combination of bolt throwers and doom bolt meant my cavalry were all dead by turn two. My prince and chariot did get lucky and managed to wipe his bolt throwers, but overall it turned into a tabling.

My noble managed to pickup a "niggling injury", so I have to roll a dice before the battle and on a 1 he doesn't rock up.....great. With the "gold" from our territories I upped my force to 700 points and launched an attack on a Skaven territory.

Two big blocks of Skaven faced off against me. My bolt throwers did little to whittle the numbers, but I was lucky enough to get the rat blocks to fight in forests, this negating their rank bonus! Bring in the silver helms! I managed a win.

Funnily enough, I never quite understood how good ASF really was until that battle. Usually I have to play dark elves so rarely see the re

Anyway, there is a great mix of armies so I hope to get a few more games in at low points before my chariots usefulness diminishes.

- out.

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