Tuesday 7 January 2014

Stormlord and Heavy Weapon Teams.

Hmm, interesting on for Guard players. Heavy Weapon teams rarely see use these days, they are just too vulnerable. However, what about sticking them in a Stormlord?

This is something to consider seriously. Super heavy transports can take on as many squads are you wish, just as long as you keep within the transport capacity. Two ways I see this happening.

Heavy Weapons:
Drop the entire platoon into this thing. Including the command squad, two infantry and a load of Heavy Weapon Autocannons. Place an objective either side, load up some Void Shield Generators and/or Skyshield and sit back providing long-range fire support. Up to 20 models can fire out of the troop bay, so you can get a lot of shots going out. The ONE problem with this is the limited firing arc of the troops bay. With the turret smack bang in your way, you are looking at having to park the tank at and angle. Remember though, you can rotate on the spot without it counting as moved, so you can move the firing arc as you so wish.

Assault Weapons:
Same story, except drop you drop in 2 x Company Command Squads and as many Veteran Squads as you so wish. Max out on BS4 Plasma/Melta and drive the big boy straight down the middle of the board. Sit there and pulverise anything that comes close to you.

In both cases I would take a divination Inquisitor to give the Stormlord re-rolls to hit or, if you're lucky, a 4+ invul save (if you need it).

Seems like a viable tactic to me, and it isn't as broken as what many people expect it to be. There are no D-weapons. Plus, if you make it properly explode, everything inside is basically boned. Worht considering if your gaming area decides to allow escalation but puts a ban on D-weapons.

- Out.


  1. How about loading up with flamers and driving along a pump line inside a bunch of void shields? I wonder how many flamers you could pack in?!

    1. That could work too. Although, remember you turn the flamer into a heavy weapon in order to gain torrent. Maybe a mixture of everything.

  2. The Stormlord is also "open-top".
    So what about Assault?
    I thought of a 30men blob with a Priest, a Commissar and 4 Power Axes, add Straken inside this and you have a very very nasty Squad.
    Might be better with Straken and Ogryn.

    1. For sure. Do that with some plasma gun support and you're set.

  3. This make me want to play Steel Legion

  4. Also- can Sisters of Battle take superheavy tanks like this, or have I just been seeing conversions? SoB would really benefit from an assault vehicle

  5. How about some mortars in there for some fun! Haha


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