Sunday 5 January 2014

Death Korps of Krieg Project

Alright let's face it, with all my babble about my hobby fetish for Krieg it was bound to happen. Spicerack and I are getting some of our own Death Korps models!

No army is more badass than the Krieg boys. These guys wouldn't even break pace at the sight of a Khorne Beserker charging at them. In fact, they would likely fix bayonets and counter-charge!

I'm particularly looking forward to painting these guys, even though my Eldar and Tau aren't even finished! Screw that though, I'm going all out on these models. Resin cast bases, pigments and whatever else I can muster up. 

First to be painted will be my field artillery pieces, seconded by Spiceracks Death Riders (if he lets me paint them). We decided on the colour scheme in the above image. I'm still unsure on how to tackle the colour of the mount, but I'll get to that at a later stage. What I'm more concerned about right now are the bases. In my view, our regiment has arrived on a particularly harsh and toxic warzone. SO, I thought I would start off with these bases:

Mind you, those are 40mm - for our cavalry. 

However, while skulls are mega cool, I don't feel that it is fitting for a Krieg regiment not to be living and fighting knee deep in the worst mud the galaxy can offer. SO, what I want to do is take inspiration from this base:

The above base was made by Secret Weapon Miniatures as a tutorial on how to make muddy bases using their "Mud + Realistic Water" kit - essentially a lot of pigments and a clear drying liquid.

My plan is to use this "Mud + Realistic Water" kit, or another equivelent, to combine the two bases so that the bones and skulls are buried in the mud. I want to use the water to make sure that you can see the skeletal structures beneath the mud. To finish it all off, I will likely add barbed wire of some sort.

What does everything think?


  1. Looking forward to seeing some WIP pics of this army. Especially like your basing idea.

    1. Hey mate, I'll be uploading some test bases next month. The entire army "should" be "finished" by the 22nd of February.........maybe.

  2. Deffo looking forward to this... :D

  3. as a german i love those krieg guys fluff and models are awesome reminding me bout my grandpa in his early days^^


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