Monday, 30 December 2013

Steel Legion "Leak" - False Alarm?

LOL, 4 chan is trolling the internet hardcore. These look particularly familiar......

OH WAIT..........They look EXACTLY the same as the current ones....I smell a FAKE.

In other news, the same guys also said:

Via 4chan I saw several of these Steel Legion kits. A few big ones too, 2x Tanks and a Flyer, I think they are new.. Not a big IG fan so no idea if new or repack. There was also a bigger Sentinel. (super big size box) I guess that’s a new unit.

- Out.


  1. Being the current model on the box isn't an instant indication of a fake. Go take a look at the Eldar Windrider Jetbikes and Dire Avengers.

    1. You are true, but the models you stated are plastic, not metal, GW are not making metal models anymore and if they were doing them in plastic then you can say for certain that they would change the design.

  2. I can't tell if they're the same models (the look slightly different to me), but the big indication to me would be the odd pixellation of the "reflections" under each model, while the text at the bottom of the box is clear.

  3. The pictures are just reversed.. Ever seen a left handed guardsmen?

    Other things to look for are the warhammer logo on the top and the minatures written in the bottom left should be at the same angle?

    The bottom the the bases should be a nice smooth rounded edge, but they look a bit angular

    The red armbands are just block colour

    There pixilation around the models


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