Wednesday 20 November 2013

Think Tank: Could the 40k expansions be digital?

The rumour mill as alive with confusion right now. We have sources "confirming" Tyranids. We also have the "Hobbit is always in December" debate raging. It's confusing, I know. However, we have also had 'reliable' sources saying that there will be an expansion release. Don't forget about that:

Via Best Pone:
I've been hearing talk of a couple of new expansions for 40K due for release next month:

The first is a fortifications expansion, containing new datasheets and missions for use in regular 40k. I'm also under the understanding that some of these datasheets allow you to take several fortifications as a single choice.

The second expansion brings superheavy vehicles (and gargantuan creatures) to regular 40k. My understanding is that this will be achieved by adding a new super heavy slot to the force org chart, and that you will be limited to the choices detailed within this expansion (I think there's approximately 15 of them). This expansion will also include new missions.

Via Endobai:
I can confirm both expansions.


These rumours have faded into the backdrop of Tyranid hope and frustration lately. I wanted to break down what I thought of them.

Let's talk about the rumoured releases for a second. I would say that the two most likely to occur, in December, are Tyranids or The Hobbit. However, remember that 40k Radio, who have had reliable sources, stated that January would be the bug month - Not December. Of course, there is always the possibility of the "expansions" being in Digital format. We had Codex: Inquisition drop on us like a bomb. Plus, if that was the case, it wouldn't interfere with the planned supplement release slot for Dec.

Let me put things into perspective. People are saying that we might unlock a "super heavy slot" per primary detachment. We know that GW is, and already has, willing to change the FOC. The "Inquisition" detachment is an example of how this would work. You take it in addition to your normal force. Makes sense? Plus, for the fortifications one, not much would be needed except a compilation of the terrain rules.

It's all very confusing at the moment.

I hope we get more information soon.

- Out.

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