Saturday, 16 November 2013

Tau and double fortifications.

Lol, when I heard about the possible double fortification expansion, I laughed.

It's all rumours, and I have absolutely no idea if this is how I'm supposed to interpret it. Here is the latest rumour on it:

Via Natfka:
Stronghold Assault: A large 40k expansion to add multiple new fortifications into the game with new upgrades, and even combining fortifications into a single large one for one foc choice.

Okay, so.

Let us say, for hilarity, that it will be possible to combine TWO defence lines with TWO Quad Guns. Okay sure, I lose out on another 100 points. However, now Instead of placing it and my opponent knowing where my troops are going to hide, I'm going to place two lines across the board so I can safely deploy anywhere. Again, sure, the deployment of the quad guns will give a lot away but I don't particularly care. My commander can sit on one and my farseer the other. BS5 + Tank Hunter. Cool story.

Scary....very scary.

- Out.


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