Sunday, 17 November 2013

Reminder #2 40K WarZone Hobbyist

Just a friendly reminder to all the contestants willing to participate in our Hobbyist. You guys have another 13-14 days to submit your entries. For the ones that missed the first post, I quote here again:

Theme: 3-5 infantry modelsSubmit date: before the 1st of DecemberWhen I say infantry, I mean any kind of infantry model, as long as it's not a MC or Jump Infantry or anything like that. It has to be a unit between 3-5 models of the same kind (you can't use, for example, one terminator, one sternguard and one centurion) and they have to belong to the same army. If there is any questions about it, don't hesitate asking here or via email and we will answer ASAP. As before, you should send us a picture of the model before being painted, and up to 10 once it's finished. Also, with the pictures, you have to fill this form (just copy paste):
  • Name of the contestant:
  • Model used:
  • Details about it:
All of this must be sent to

Also a quick look to our last months entries:

We hope the participation is as good as last entry, or even better. Can't wait to see your entries guys!!


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