Monday 25 November 2013

Inquisitors: Nothing to do with fluff.

Hopefully everyone has had a chance to look at Codex: Inquisition. It is pretty simple, but game changing. For some. Okay, maybe for most. Here is why.
 Firstly, I am yet to meet anyone who is using Inquisitors for fluff. Most armies have a hard enough time explaining fluff for their existing allies, let alone some amalgamation of Dark Eldar, Inquisition and Orks.....(It's possible).

The 34 point Inquisitor slot (3 skulls) is already causing a few headaches for power builds who use Scout and/or Infiltrate. Those skulls can be placed in a fairly generic pattern to stop these moves from happening effectively. Plus, the added bonus of more reliable deep strike and template rolls (for Battle Brothers - Especially Guard Manticore/Collossus/Battle Cannons) makes them that much better. Even if they don't come in every army, it only takes a few of the top players to bring them to make the power builds go away. 

The Divination Psyker on the cheap is ridiculous value. Especially for Guard. Better than Commissars (No execution rule & has Stubborn Ld10) and can prescience your Lasguns/Power Axes. Not bad. You can double a blob's effectiveness for only a few more points. Bargain if you ask me. Plus, if you don't feel like blobbing up, just prescience your artillery. That goes for for any of the Battle Brothers.

In my opinion, those are the two main roles that the Codex will serve. Sure there are a number of other great alternative uses. Psyback Chimeras are a bargain. Coteaz for re-roll (and scoring henchies) has some serious potential. Deep striking Terminator Linebreaker is something also.

That's my view anyway.

- Out.

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