Wednesday 23 October 2013

Path of the Painter: Part 1

Hello everyone!
Recently all that has been on my hobby table is assembled and primed models. As such I have done almost no modelling or gaming and have instead focused on improving my painting ability as I try to get them painted. And I have noticed a few things that have helped my, and will hopefully help others, to improve my ability to beyond table-top standard (basecoat, layer, wash,  highlight/ drybrush). So here's part 1;
Tools of the Trade
I recently shelled out on some Winsor and Newton Series 7 brushes qnd some Masters brush cleaner. I've been putting it off for about 6 months now, but Amazon had them at a discount and I just couldn't resist.
For all those seroius painters out there, who care more for painting than any other facet of the hobby, I advise you to try these.
These brushes have a fine sable hair tip, which holds a point incredibly well. This allows you to keep a much straighter line, and I have already experimented with some basic freehand work (lines and curves mostly), which I found were absolutly impossible with the standard GW brushes.

In order to maintain the quality of your brush, and thus your painting,  you need to clean your brush carefully. There are many videos I have found over the years, and my advice to anyone who is unsure is to search for videos on youtube.
Well that was quite long, but what do you all think?
It may seem simple, but it might help your painting skills. Part two to follow!


  1. I've never even considered using a proper brush cleaner. To be fair though, I use the cheapest brushes there are lol.

    1. If your using cheap brushes, a dedicated brush cleaner is probably overkill.

  2. I'm not sure I'd ever go back to a cheap brush. The W&N7 are wonderful to paint with

    1. Yep, they are truly brilliant to paint with. I still have some old GW brushes that I use for creating cool drybrush effects, as the haif on the brush is all aplayed. (My small Alpha Legion force was painted using this technique to create a swirling warp effect)


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