Tuesday 15 October 2013

News: The Fire Raptor Experimental Rules!

Wow....Experimental rules for the Fire-Raptor just dropped. They are hilariously awesome!


It could only be from Forge World!

Firstly, 4 HP's is awesome. A lucky Pen will still grab you but if you make it on with this bad-boy then you are going to cause a lot of Anti-Infantry hurt.

7 Str6 AP3 shots.
12 Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter shots (6 from each side) that don't even count as firing a weapon AND may fire at independent targets.
Four missiles.

Oh, I nearly forgot.............It has STRAFING RUN..........................................haha brilliant.

So technically, you could fly on, power of the machine spirit the big str6 gun, fire two missiles at a tank and then fire at an additional two units with the Heavy Bolters! Hilarious? Or stupid?

You decide.


  1. Neither hilarious or stupid...it seems about right.

    Just in relation to other overcosted yet underpowered flyers (I'm looking at you DA and Tau flyers) it seems out of balance. Certainly not when compared to Storm Ravens, Helldrakes, Vendettas, or Night Scythes though.

    It is also very geared towards a specific anti-infantry role as well. Granted it does this VERY well, but it would have issues against other AV12 flyers. Swapping out the Quad Bolters for Autocannon Batteries would make it more effective vs. light armour/flyers, but lose some of it's efficacy vs. ground infantry.

    Finally, when used outside of the 30K environment it is meant for the limitation as a Chapter Relic does place some additional restrictions on fielding them that provides sufficient game balance.

    1. Yeah, only being able to take one without the additional HQ brings some balance to it. However, I would only take one anyway. If the experimental rules hold out to make it into the "approved" category then I would likely swap out for the Autocannon Batteries for tournaments. Being able to fly on and shoot at up to four different serpents makes a big difference. Although, in reality the Str6 gun would likely fire at the same target as the missiles to hope for a glance.

  2. Gotta love Forge World!

    Comparing the amount of fire power this thing can kick out, it doesn't seem that far off the vulture or a unit of thudd guns. Having run thudds myself for a bit, a unit of three with prescience can routinely manage 3 hits per template, equating to 36 S5 hits a turn. For just under 3/4 of the price of this flier (excluding rune priest). Think I'll stick with the thudds!

    1. Yeah for sure! Or take both! Available to Space Wolves to. It's like the Tau Riptide Variant. Experimental rules are outrageously hilarious and I'm sure they will be banned ASAP in IA allowed tournies.


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