Sunday 8 September 2013

The last three months: Dark Elves - Tyranids - Hobbit.

The rumour mill is very similar to an oceanic whirlpool. If you want to ride the waves then you need to skim around the outskirts of the current. If you get sucked die.

....Good start.

Well obviously Space Marines are here and the question now beckons as to what will be happening over the last three months of the year.  There has been a lot of controversy around the community as fake rumours come flying in from all sides to stir up the bidding pot. Funny that, a rumour that could be fake? No!

It is pretty much guaranteed that a fantasy release will be next. Dark Elf rumours are flooding into the scene and 40k Radio have claimed to have seen pictures of them already. We have no reason to doubt them so It's pretty much set.

That leaves November. Tyranids seem to be the main contender. No one really knows where the talk of the "mystery box" has gone. I have been skeptical from the beginning, maybe it will be moved to be a big release next year? Who knows. I just hope that Tyranids are true and we can finish the year off with another 40k codex being updated.

Decemeber will be The Hobbit. It's pretty much set in stone since the next film will be released and GW have to keep up with their contract.

October: Dark Elves.
Novemeber: Tyranids? (This is really the only slot that is unconfirmed).
December: The Hobbit.

Easy. Simple. Amazing.

Personally, I hope Tyranids are overpowered. Even though I don't collect Nids, I want to see waves of gaunts come bounding at me without concern of their own safety. That would be brilliant.



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