Friday 23 August 2013

Rumour Watch: No Bloodbowl.

More stuff on Inquisitor.

There is still a lot of confusion about what is actually going to happen come October. Some rumours are saying Bloodbowl, others are saying Inquisitor and some are saying neither. Here's just one more piece of fuel onto the flame:

Via Ironhand on Warseer 23-08-13

The owner of my FLGS was told by his GW rep that the "mystery box" is in fact a Skirmish system for 40K similar to Kill team. Take it for what it's worth, with as much salt as needed.  

I take that to mean Inquisitor.



  1. It's a just a game cash grab.

    GW always relase a game keep it around for 6 to 12 months then says it no good and dump it.

    Blood bowl has been around since the late 70's and get re started probably every 2-3 years once it's 12 months run is over.

    Inquisitor is the same deal came out in 95 then stopped around 98 then in 2001 did the space ships battle game lasted about 18 months in the stores got shifted to the online sales lasted on that for 3 to 5 years.

    Then you had the 40K squad battle system that lasted 12 months.

    Then 2008 or so you have another run of blood bowl.

    2010 or so you get another run of inquisitor

    I noticed a few years ago they were going to do blood bowl again but that didn't happen.

    Then ended up releasing inquisitor that is still around I think via online sales

    I'd say your talking about the squad battles games if it's the skirmish system.

    You'd have 2 squads and a building and then try to wipe out the other squad using a little bit more refined 40K standard rules, like bullets can hit or miss each model etc each model has it's own moves actions etc.

    Much like the old 3rd edition 40k rules.

  2. Very confused poster above....mixing up Necromunda and Inquisitor... and the years dont really make all that much sense. From the rumours it looks more like inquisimunda then anything else which you can google search to find out about. If its bloodbowl i would be quite happy but a skirmish 40k game with blanchexque models is to good to pass long as it gets some follow up support rules wise even if only digital is likely.

  3. all I can say is sections in white dwarf seem to show inquisitor warbands small squads that seem to be done for modelling purposes?

    my hope is its a rouse to cover bloodbowl release...


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