Monday 29 July 2013

Think Tank: August release is here.....September?

Well we know that Lizardmen are in August. We are just a few days out from seeing the army book. All the big new dino's look pretty cool so it will be interesting to see what will become the norm for lizard armies. However, there is still confusion about September. What is coming?
At the moment it is split between two options:

1. The new "Inquisitor" game?

Check it out here:

2. New Space Marines?

Both have credible sources but it is highly unlikely that both will be released at the same time. I myself am leaning towards Space Marines coming out as I'm still unconvinced that GW wants to head into the secondary games market. Will welcome being proved wrong though.

The new "larger terminators" is really intriguing. They are supposed to be somewhere in between a Dreadnaught and a regular termie. My guess is simply that they will go up in Toughness or gain a second wound (or both). Something itches in my mind that GW will want to tip the balance on this codex as it will surely be one of the biggest selling pitches of the year. Plus, they are the army of supplements so opening up as many options as possible is a good move.

What do people think?


  1. There was a rumour awhile back that listed the releases for the end of year. They said september 'space marines + surprises. Alot more then anyones expecting'
    Something like that anyway. So maybe space marines + inquisitor + supplements... One can dream anyway:-P

    1. Would be pretty epic if that were to happen.


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