Saturday 13 July 2013

Farsight Supplement Preview.

Come on! One more week!
Well if you haven't already seen them. The screenshots of the preview codex can be found over at 3++.

The good news is that it is suggesting we might see Crisis suits moved into troops. This is largely due to speculation about GW saying "an entire army made out of suits." Sounds promising.

Few other notes.
1. A Crisis commander is listed as having a "Warscraper drone."
2. A new named special character is also mentioned in the fluff. Likely to be usable in the special missions that the supplement provides.
3. In the pictures there are Riptides so there are obviously not force restrictions for "new tech."
4. New Items.

The new item that is mentioned is the "Seismic fibrillator node" which can "potentially earn you another shooting phase." Now the gasm-gamers have come out already and stated that it will flat out give you a second shooting phase............not likely. The fact that it is "Seismic" is more geared towards suggesting it is about slowing down enemy units to earn you another shooting phase by not being assaulted turn 2. We shall see. I am quite happy to be proven wrong though.

I am mostly impressed by the artwork. Usually I'm a sucker for only seeing the rules but some of the new art is just awe-inspiring. Like the Fire Warrior picture above. Incredible.

Go check it out!


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