Monday 24 June 2013

Your opinion: Fast Attack - Which one is your favourite choice?

Fast Attack choices. Those little (not always that little) bastards that give some speed to your army, surprising your opponent, claiming points, wiping out units and deep striking there they're needed the most. Infantry? Cavalry? Skyfire support? 

Reavers, jet bikes, pathfinders, Veteran assault squad...Which one is your favorite? Why? What do you use them for?

I have to say that even though I haven't used them yet on a game, I'm actually in love with Tau Pathfinders because of the strategy that they bring to the game, changing completely the fate of their objectives supporting the army in an amazing way, even though they are not big killers. 

What about you guys?


  1. As much as it pains me to say this......Imperial Guard Viultures. Having been on the receiving end of them for over a year I can honestly say they rock! Followed close second by Warp Spiders.

    1. You love it. In and around your mouth. Nothing like rolling those hit dice with the punisher and scoring 16 wounds. Or wiping out an entire squad with rocket pods.

      Personally I do like Hellhounds, if only they weren't picked on so heavily. Unfortunately they never get the opportunity to run rampant, as they're always the first damn thing to be shot at. I do like the look of the Death Korps Death Riders. at 14 points per model you get a 2 wound carapace armoured badass with a lance guaranteed to slaughter anything short of MCs, and even then you stand a decent chance when you're getting 30 attacks on the charge with a squad of 10. 30 ws4 s5 i5 ap3 close-combat attacks? AFTER hammer of wrath? Yes please.

      I only hope they rewrite codex Rough Riders with the same profile.

    2. With Frag and Krak Grenades to.

  2. most powerful: Helldrake, Vendetta, Necron Wraiths
    most interesting to play: Warpspiders, Swooping Hawks, Reavers
    most useful: Pathfinders, Hellhounds, DE Beasts
    honorable mention: Chaos Spawn, Scarabs

    1. I've never tried hellhounds...are they any good? Cause I have a small chaos daemons army, and I was thinking about getting some fast attack for it...

    2. I think he means Imperial Guard Hellhounds.

    3. @ CrAzY424:
      Hehe, sorry, no, I meant the Daemons. "Flesh Hounds" Most people just call them Hounds, so I got confused.

      @ Ruben de Francisco:
      Well, just take a look at their stats. For 8 points per wound you get a fast beast unit with WS5, S4, T4 (Which doesn't seem all that great at first glance but how many 8 points per wound models with T4 and S4 do you know? Playing 15+ of them is almost like having a big Ork Blob in your Chaos army, very, very fast Orks with invulnerable saves.) and the Scout special rule which you can easily and without spending too many points boost into real close combat killers by putting a Herold of Khorne on a Juggernaut into the unit and even boost their invulnerable save to 3++ with the Grimoire.

      Some people say that the Hounds have almost singlehandedly made close combat good again in 6th edition, much like the new Eldar Serpent made transports and Mech-lists playable again.

      I'm not quite as enthusiastic as that (or else I would have put the Hounds in the "most powerful" category), but they certainly are a very good unit when big enough and used wisely.

    4. Yeah wow, just looked up their entry. Furious Charge is pretty awesome to. Take 10 of them, Scout into ruins for cover and if you went second then charge! Pretty much will force Chris to shoot at them or die horribly in combat.


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